• What Is No Pen Mural ?

    The no pen mural is an innovative and the global pioneer wall decoration product , with it you don’t  need to use a pen or any painting skills can draw a full-wall art wall painting to decorate your room. It’s more superior than wallpaper, and can replace hand-made wall paintings. The principal  is to use the customized construction sheet carved with original and vivid pattern ,use special tools and pigment to paint the artistic  painting on the wall .

  • How’s The Market Prospect Of No Pen Mural ?

    With the vivid and decent pattern style, delicate quality effect, the no pen mural quickly occupied the market, it’s more superior than wallpaper, easily replaced the hand-painted wall paintings, it has become the wall decoration trend. It can not only be used for home decoration, but also commercialization decoration, and it’s not limited by the decoration time, new houses and old flats can be constructed at any time.

  • What's The Lifetime For The Paintings On Wall ?
    The Pigments are acrylic pigments. It’s very colorful .The lifetime of painting is more 10 years , keep no fading or rub off. As long as keep the wall, the painting will always be there.
  • Can The Patterns Be Customized ?
    The patterns cannot be customized. All of the patterns are original designs. The original  design is not a easy thing. We’ll spend a lot of time and efforts to design a pattern with considering of beauty of pattern and the hardness of  operation. The customized pattern cannot be produced in a large scale.
  • What Are The Sizes Of Your Paintings ?
    We have 3 sizes for every pattern .
    1、The small size is 2.6mx3m, can be applied to the wall width of  2m-4m.
    2、The middle size is 2.6mx4m,can be applied to the wall width of  3m-5m.
    3、The big size is 2.6mx5m,can be applied to the width of 4m-6m.
  • Is One Country Only Allowed One Agent ?

    Our agent mode is exclusive agent. a country can allow one exclusive agent, also can allow several agents according to their own administrative region. 

  • How To Be An Agent Of No Pen Mural ?

    According to the population of country (district), if the first purchase reach the corresponding standard, can sign an exclusive agency or distributor agreement, without any agency fees and initial fee, no need to open a physical shop.

  • What’s The First Purchase Standard To Sign An Exclusive Agent ?

    According to the number of countries (regions) population, divided into grades

    The first purchase of 20,000 USD / 0- 100 million population

    The first purchase of 40,000 USD / 100 million - 200 million population

    The first purchase of $ 60,000 USD / 200 million -300 million population

    The first purchase of 80,000 USD/ 300 million -500 million population    

    The first purchase of 100,000 USD / 500 million population or more