Our Advantages
Superior than wallpaper, replace hand-made painting.Superior than wallpaper, replace hand-made painting.
Lively and personal design for paintings, no seams, no glue, no mold, more environmental. Go beyond wallpaper,perfect quality,just like a real photo.Operate faster,cheaper price,replace the hand-made wall paintings.
No need to have experience of painting, everyone can be a painterNo need to have experience of painting, everyone can be a painter
No need to have experience of painting, no need to use a pen, use our customized tools to replace hand-made wall painting. It only cost within 2 hours to finish.
The China’s First  The Global's OnlyThe China’s First The Global's Only 
Persist on originals,professional R&D team, customized materials, manufacturing,processing innovation and continuously improved quality.
Kinds of styles and customized as you wantedKinds of styles and customized as you wanted
Customize the colors,sizes as you want,house decoration and commercial decoration both can be painted at any time when you want.
Market Advantages

Huge potential market

Backdrop is necessary for every family, and there are so many white walls except TV backdrop in each flat.So there is so much huge potential market for it.

Wide application

No Pen Mural are not only widely used in home decoration,but also used in the commercial decoration areas.What’s more,it isn’t limited by time,no matter whenever you want.

Business Prospects

The traditional wall decoration’s malpractice is becoming more and more obviously,and the no pen mural is in a unique artistic form, more fashion,more environmental,more popular and has been a trend of wall decoration.

More competitive price advantages

A paint’s price is less than US $100, and can give you the enjoy of art.High quality but low price,break the batteries of hand-made wall paintings that is very expensive and heavy-waste.

Marketing Advantages
On-line Sale,Online stores,e-marketing platforms,integrate all kinds of online sale ways to build the whole marketing system.Off-line Sale,No need to open a physical store, you can sell the products through other clients and other stores.