Sample Test: Principle for Us, Responsible for You
No Pen Wall Painting
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Sample Test: Principle for Us, Responsible for You

It is a wonderful world we are living in, appreciating gorgeous scenery around us all year around. It is meanwhile, without doubt, a selfish and greedy world we are living in, caring about his or himself only.

Lucky for us all, heart-warming merchants who buried themselves in developing market and thinking for consumers are trying to recollect the gradually losing credit. Hunan Wubi painting Decoration Company is also on its way, firmly!

As the pioneer of no pen painting, “No pen mural” has initially created an industrial miracle that everyone can be a painter to without a pen, and that your house can be turned into a new one with 2 hours. Its smoothness and integrity guarantee itself a new future in wall painting industry.

Except for R&D and selling of product, “No pen mural” has at the same time created “Sample Test” in the way of cooperating with consumers. All consumers that are interested in our product are able to apply for free sample for testing sale in order to serve our them honestly and avoid blind investment. This is definitely not an empty talk. Only 100USD air shipping fee consumers are able to experience construction without worries, understand the level of difficulty when constructing, fell the real pattern effect , research market and test sales models with promotion material. Consumers in this way can sign up as a distributor or exclusive agent safely. The above mentioned sample testing policy is a real caring behavior without risk and responsibility for consumers who are ready to be our distributors or exclusive agents.

Persist in originals, paint with heart instead of pen.

Hunan Wubi painting Decoration Company is also persist in “special aesthetic experience” except for perfecting original techniques since the “No pen mural” has been developed. It is obvious that the wall painting products of similar styles and qualities on market are no longer capable of satisfy the developed taste of consumers. It is the “special aesthetic experience” pursued by “No pen mural”, as a result, can be accepted by consumers and cooperation partners because of the unremitting pursuit on original design, delicacy, smoothness and permanence of paintings.

“No pen mural” is now devoting itself to producing a totally new visual space and shouldering historical mission, enabling wall painting industry to enter a new era.

Sample test: confidence and responsible attitude of a business of conscience.

Perhaps, this world harbours evil intention to both you and me. However, it doesn’t matter because of the remaining little happiness we have got.

Please bear it in mind that sample test is principle for us, responsible for you.