No Pen Mural——Difficult Or Not, It Is A Question
No Pen Wall Painting
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No Pen Mural——Difficult Or Not, It Is A Question

“ Is it difficult to construct no pen mural?” It is a question that many care about. Now, here comes the answer. It is actually very much easy while constructing because it requires no professional painting skill. One, even a kind, is able to finish it with ease.

Painting on the wall has never come to the mind of people who majoring in painting. But thing are different after the emergence of no pen mural, which has realized the new concept of “ All Are Painters”. It has broken the technical threshold of hand painting and enabled every ordinary people to engage in painting business.

How did no pen mural make it on earth? It R&d a special material named Rubber Heat-oxygen Film, the core and principle part of no pen mural. All the original designed designs are carved on such a special-designed material. Stick it on the wall, cut the pattern out and color it. Only 3 steps you can get a gorgeous painting for your wall.

The design team of no pen mural, meanwhile, has combined their professional graph processing technique with the features with drawing material to make sure the easy and fast construction.

No pen mural, the creator of “All are Painters” magic, has made our house the place of art.