No Pen Mural —— The Future Trend of Wall Decoration
No Pen Wall Painting
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No Pen Mural —— The Future Trend of Wall Decoration

Recently, something new continuously happened in the decorative market. Nowadays, replaced by a specially-designed  product,  pens should have never required for painting.

We are now able to directly paint on the white latex wall, changing the traditional style of wall decoration. Where there is a wall there can be a vivid painting.

Not only can time be saved, but also cost can be lowered with the development  of such a genius product. Moreover,  the price will be as cheaper as double than other products. Because the product requires no pen when construction, hence the name “No Pen Mural”.

The most popular hand-painted wall painting today requires professional painting skills, long construction time and is featured with high price. Generally speaking, a professional painter requires all day or even several days to finish a whole wall painting. A gorgeous painting, however, can be obtained with 2 hours nowadays.  What weighs most is that the easy construction. Even a kid is able to finish the painting with “No Pen Mural” at ease.  

It is, without doubt, the  ingenious concept of “painting without a pen” that will definitely set off the trend in wall decoration field. Such a "noble" art, which originally belonged to a noble family, could finally enter the families of ordinary people.