No Pen Mural——A New Era of Wall Decoration
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No Pen Mural——A New Era of Wall Decoration

Wall in a house is as important as a dress for someone, which has to be delicate enough to show good taste of owners!

Background wall, as a punch line, plays a significant role in home decoration.

A smart and charming wall is vital to creating a personalized home. From the earliest latex paint to today's wallpaper, people are always inclined to better their homes through a thin layer. The wall decoration, with the progress of times and the continuous innovation of design concept, also changes rapidly with each passing day. From TV background to sofa, restaurant, bedside background, aisle and hallway to children's room, wall decoration has been increasingly applied to a deeper and wider range.

Created by Hunan Wubi Paintings Decoration Co., Ltd., "No Pen Mural"  has emerged at the right moment. Replacing hand painting and wall paper, No Pen Mural allows people to decorate their homes without a pen and no professional painting skill is required. The idea of where there is a wall, there is a vivid painting can be realized with No Pen Mural, which creates a new interior design concept. No Pen Mural, a wall décor which is full of personality, wisdom and creativity, is about to pop throughout the world. It has provocatively subverted the traditional wall decoration, creating a new genre.

The birth of No Pen Mural, without no doubt, marks the new era of wall decoration!